Sunday, April 19, 2020

Thoughts About the Coronavirus From Behind Prison Walls

"As of April 13, three incarcerated people in New York State prisons had died from COVID-19, and 139 had tested positive for the virus, according to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Among staff, 581 people had tested positive, and one had died."
-John J. Lennon, April 13, 2020 THE ATLANTIC

These lines are from recent emails from Bruce Bryant, Charles L. Wynn, Sr., and Byron Brown, inmates at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, NY. 

Peace Will:
I received your e-mail today and I am doing just fine as I could under these circumstances, my mother is doing well as well. yeah a lot of prisoners have been exposed to the covid-19 and 9 prisoners died from it. It is a damn shame how they disregard
 our lives in here, so I have to take my health very seriously because I will not make it out alive, Feel Me!!!!    -Tony Harrison

Dear Will,
I'm writing this message, because the coronavirus has now allegedly caused the death of a prisoner at Sing Sing Correctional Facility pending an autopsy. This prisoner also had other medical complications as well. So the Prison Administration doesn't really know what he died from until his autopsy results come back from the state medical examiner. However, the administration has completely sealed off two tiers for prisoner's which are infected with the coronavirus.. Will, most of the officers and prisoners are wearing protection over their face and practicing social distances. I'm doing all of the necessary precautions to prevent spread of the coronavirus.
Well other than that I'm still doing the same things as usual. I'm making sure that I stay healthy. So, that's my primary concern, and everything else will come together. I want to be a person who will survive and adapt to my conditions. The majority of people are survivors, it's encoded into our DNA to be just that survivors period!  -Byron Brown

this slogan was sent to me by Byron Brown, 
as an email attachment

Dear Will,
I'm writing this message to check on you. I just want to make sure that things are fine with you and your family
I'm doing fine just making sure that I stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. I can only imagine just how stressful it's to be quarantined in your home especially when people are so condition to be out socializing with friends, colleagues, and family members.  

I will offer you a tip on how I deal with the isolation. I think about the things that I need to do personally to get my life in order. I have to constantly remind myself of the good things I have in my life, because sometimes we tend to be forgetful of those blessings or advantages. Lately, I've been really thinking about all of the people who died from coronavirus and how their deaths will affect not only their families but society as well. Therefore, when I reflect upon my current situation, I'm immediately reminded to be very humble, because I have a life. It may not be the one I planned on having but I certainly can change the outcome of my life. We should be more mindful and appreciative of what we have and don't possess in life so, we'll work extra hard to obtain those things in which will make our lives more pleasant.

Stay positive and focus on yourself!   -Byron Brown

it's really bad out there, huh. This too shall pass. Imagine what those in undeveloped countries go through. The Black community is really getting hammered. I believe it was Malcolm X who said, that when America has a cold, the Black community catches a flu. 

While millions of Americans find it difficult to cope with self-isolation during this COVID-19 Pandemic, I often wonder how those isolated in solitary confinement in prisons across the country are coping with the pandemic.  
-Bruce Bryant

My precious mother did inform me that you did in fact get yourself tested for the covid-19. Know that I'm praying and trusting that you are clear of the coronavirus, and AT THE LEAST your body has overcome those symptoms that you were feeling {shortness of breath and that cough}. I too have been experiencing some symptoms over the past week as well. Two days ago I made and ate two albacore tuna fish sandwiches on whole wheat bread, and I couldn't taste it at all. It literally felt as if I was eating air. Yesterday my taste buds returned, but I still haven't had my usual appetite. Some nights my body aches, and I get the chills. However, once I bundle up in my thermals and hat, and eat a couple of cough drops, when I wake up the following morning I feel better. I'm just so grateful to our MOST MERCIFUL and ALMIGHTY GOD that although I'm literally surrounded by the deadly coronavirus my body CONTINUES to fight off the ailments in its entirety. We both know that God is THE BEST healer, and he will surely protect us both!
-Charles L. Wynn, Sr. 

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