Friday, July 21, 2017

Updates on Shane & Robert

Paula and Shane Watson
Shane Watson continues to wait expectantly for a positive decision from the Federal Court about his case. The best result, of course, would be for the Court to vacate Shane's conviction and set a release date. Thanks to the many supporters of Shane Watson through the years we have arrived at this point, after a long road, the longest road being that traveled by Shane himself.

I never want to overlook the generosity and passionate dedication to Shane's case as demonstrated by Doug Walters. Doug currently resides in Chicago with his wife Leonore, who is experiencing debilitating physical issues at this time. Doug did the legwork for the investigation into Shane's case, and did it voluntarily, completely unpaid. This involved trips to the Bronx, interviewing people connected to the case, interviewing (or at least trying to) detectives that "worked" the case initially, visits to Shane in prison, and more. We also are very grateful to our attorney Robert Boyle of NYC, as well as the donated assistance of Rebecca Freedman of The Exoneration Initiative.

At this writing, Shane is in his 24th year of incarceration.

Robert Moore, who is serving an 18 year sentence at Upstate Correctional Facility (wrongfully) is maintaining a positive outlook, under the circumstances. Mr. Moore was convicted of assault and attempted murder in 2015, as a result of being violently attacked while stopped at a BP gas station in Long Island.

The Opus 30 Mission has taken up Mr. Moore's case, details of which can be found on our GoGetFunding page. We are raising funds ($3000) in order for Mr. Moore to retain the services of Robert Boyle, our attorney, for an appeal. I urge you to read Robert's story, and share it.

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