Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Phone Call from Upstate Correctional Facility

My phone rang at 5:51 PM. The caller ID read "Garden City, NY".  It was  Robert Moore's friend, who asked if I'd like to speak to Robert. Of course I said yes.

Robert was calling from Upstate Correctional Facility, obviously. His voice was energized as he greeted me. He went on to thank me for the work on his behalf and told me several times how much he appreciates my advocating on his behalf. He also told me that he and his family and friends are spreading word of the GoGetFunding page we've set up in order to raise the $3000 necessary for our attorney to be retained and take on Robert's case in earnest. We are seeking an appeal of Robert's 2014 conviction and want to have his 18 year prison sentence vacated.

This was the first phone call I've ever received from prison. In all the years of working on Shane Watson's behalf, Shane and I have never spoken by phone, only in actual visits.

Phone service companies benefit nicely from the hyper-incarceration which exists in the US. According to

Prison phone contracts are based on a "commission" model, where the phone service provider pays a commission (kickback) to the contracting government agency, such as a state prison system or county jail. These kickbacks inflate the costs of prison and jail phone calls, which in the vast majority of cases are paid not by prisoners but by their family members. 

NY State prisons do not take a "kickback", to their credit. 

Here are current prices for a 15-minute prison call in NY State: 

Cost of a 15-minute Intrastate Call

Same state$0.72$0.72$0.72

Detailed rates

Same state0.048/min0.048/min0.048/min

Phone service providers

Data current as of 2017-2018

Will Duchon
July 27, 2017


  1. Love the appreciation Robert shows you. But, little does he know how much he is helping you. When we give it comes back one hundred fold. The gifts you received are priceless.

    1. Absolutely true. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Paulette.


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