Saturday, May 20, 2017

8,603 Days

Today, May 20, 2017, is day number 8,603 for Shane. 8,603 days in prison for a crime he did not commit. To suggest one perspective, since the day Shane was convicted (October 31, 1993) four presidents have occupied The White House. 

In his letter to me dated May 16, Shane described a typical day at Otisville, the medium-security "facility" where Shane currently "resides". 

"Those cell days (at the maximum-security prisons) are far behind me. I'm in a medium-security prison where they try to weed the guys down to some normalcy. We are not in cells, we are in dorms with cubes, 50 men to a dorm. No more real privacy, but no more bars. We get to use a refrigerator and freezer, stoves and an oven and we have more movement. My so-called job is really a program at the commissary, Monday-Thursday, 8AM-2 PM. The pay is $7.25 per week. 

We can use the library or law library a couple of days each week. (To do this) you have to be placed on a call-out, so you have to sign up in advance. 

We have services Monday night, which is Prayer Night. Bible Study on Wednesdays and Thursday nights. Friday night is for movies, and Saturday night is for (church) services in Spanish. We also have (church) services on Sunday mornings as well as the first two Sunday nights each month. I attend the Monday, and Sunday services and the movies on Friday nights. I'm usually worn out after the work at the commissary, for real.

I have to walk a mile coming and going to the Mess Hall if I want to eat (unbelievable). I only go if they have something I can eat, which isn't always.

I try to avoid any confrontation and stay positive and do my pull-ups and wash up in the morning when the crowd isn't there (smile). In this environment when one guy gets a cold or bug it passes around fast if you're not careful. As you know, I am covered in the blood (hallelujah).  
I wait, always looking forward to that call (to be released from prison), which isn't easy, but praise God for that blessed assurance! Amen!

I expect to hear that good news any day. The waiting is hard.

Your brother & friend,

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