Monday, October 31, 2016

A True Patriot

Shane Watson's most recent letter dated October 22, 2016 provided a refreshing bit of inspiration, as his letters often do. As I write this we are just eight days away from the presidential election. November 8 will conclude what has been a national embarrassment. This endless presidential campaign has been a race to the bottom, filled with ugliness, ignorance and arrogance on a level that is stunning. Through the mechanization of the national political game, United States citizens are presented with a choice between two candidates totally lacking vision and imagination, totally out of touch with the anxiety and soul-sickness that has infected our culture. So be it.

In light of all this, and in passing, Shane wrote about the decision regarding his liberty which is now squarely in the hands of Federal Judge Paul Engelmayer. a judge for the Federal District Court of Southern New York. Judge Engelmayer is reviewing our appeal of the atrocious decision made by Judge Richard Price in New York State Court back in 2014, denying Shane a new trial as well as denying an overturning of Shane's 1993 conviction. According to our attorney, Robert Boyle of NYC, being granted a review by Judge Engelmayer was "a big win". I hope so.

In his letter, Shane writes "I truly believe that Judge Engelmayer will do the right thing and restore our faith in the justice system." 

He went on to write about the hearing in Judge Price' courtroom: "The way Judge Price (handled the hearing) was unbelievable to hear about, let alone sit through it and witness. Not in our great country!"

That final sentence hit me like a cannonball. "Not in our great country!" Here was a man whose liberty has been wrongfully denied for over twenty-two years courtesy of sloppy police work and a non-investigation by a NYPD detective, convicted of a crime he did not commit based upon flimsy and coerced eyewitness identification, since recanted. Despite this, Shane has faith in the justice system eventually getting it right. Why? Because he believes that's what happens in "our great country."

Five words handwritten in a letter: "Not in our great country!". How much more weight they carry than the millions of disingenuous words and babble spoken by Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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