Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Exoneration in Brooklyn

All news is not bad news. At least Brooklyn, NY has the extraordinary benefit of an intelligent District Attorney, Ken Thompson, whose "Conviction Review Unit" has made it possible for yet another wrongfully convicted person to be set free after eight years in prison. Mr. Joel Fowler was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2007, and, like Shane Watson, was sentenced to 25 years to life. This all unfolded under the watch of former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who bungled the case. Mr. Fowler's prime "witness" recanted her testimony, and in another disturbing similarity to Shane's case, FOUR other witnesses to the 2007 shooting were never called to testify at trial. FOUR! Joel Fowler's erroneous conviction was tossed out on August 4, 2015. This is the 14th conviction that has been overturned by the Brooklyn DA"s office. If only the Bronx were so enlightened to have a similar Conviction Review Unit.

Shane remains upbeat and hopeful as we prepare to file our appeal in Federal court, since the NY State courts have failed him once again. I ask that you continue to hold Shane in your thoughts and prayers, as well as his wife Paula, their children and Shane's mother Joan.

As always, a note of encouragement is always welcome. If you would like to drop a line to Shane, his address is as follows:

Mr. Shane Watson
DIN 93A9384
c/o Fishkill Correctional Facility
PO Box 1245
Beacon, NY 12508

In a recent letter I told Shane that hopefully he and Paula can escape the summer heat sometime soon by jumping into a pool on their postponed honeymoon in someplace like the Bahamas. Shane replied "Amen to that! We deserve it, and I'll bring you back a t-shirt for sure!"(smile).

Joel Fowler, 24, at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn where his conviction on a murder charge was vacated by a judge following a request by the District Attorney's office.

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