Thursday, February 12, 2015


Today I received word from our attorney Robert Boyle that the Appellate Court denied our motion, filed last August. The motion filed by Mr. Boyle petitioned the appellate court to grant Shane the opportunity to appeal our case to New York's highest court, the NY State Court of Appeals. This is a devastating blow.

WHAT NOW? In my conversation with Mr. Boyle, I asked what recourse, if any, remains to us. Mr.Boyle said that Shane could appeal to the Federal Court in a writ of habeas corpus: Habeas corpus is a writ that is used to bring a party who has been criminally convicted in state court into federal court. Usually, writs of habeas corpus are used to review the legality of the party's arrest, imprisonment, or detention. According to Mr. Boyle, the chances of this being successful are "very slim".

After speaking with our investigator Doug Walters, we both decided that despite this setback we have an obligation to continue fighting for Shane. How? Reaching out to public figures such as Sen. Jose Serrano (D, NY State Senate) who is an advocate for individuals in Shane's position. The news is still fresh and at this writing I am still absorbing the impact of the absurdity and atrocity that this decision represents.

Mr. Edward Watson: This will be a difficult week for Shane, and his family. On Tuesday, February 10, Shane's father Edward Watson died at the age of 84. Mr. Watson had been undergoing liver dialysis for a long time and suffered a fatal heart attack. A memorial service will be held at Mount Zion Baptist Church in  Fredericksburg, VA on Wednesday, February 18. 

Mrs. Joan Watson and Mr. Edward ("Hogan") Watson.

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