Thursday, December 18, 2014


On this night, just seven days before Christmas 2014, here is an important and timely plea.

On behalf of Shane Watson's supporters, family, friends, and most importantly, Shane himself, I call upon the Appellate Court to exercise mercy and SANITY by granting Shane a new trial which would ultimately pave the way for Shane to FINALLY be free.

Next Thursday, Shane will spend his 22nd Christmas in prison, locked in a cage like an animal although he is an innocent man.

The message of Christmas is the healing power of light coming into the darkness. May December 25, 2014 be the last time Shane spends Christmas Day behind bars. May the Appellate Court have the wisdom and common sense to recognize how flawed and contrived the DA's case against Shane is, and has always been.

The criminal justice system's level of integrity is only as high as its ability to recognize and correct errors it makes. Let us hope that the Appellate Court displays such integrity.

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