Friday, May 9, 2014

Thoughts from Shane

We are still waiting for a decision from Judge Richard Price regarding the hearing on the Motion to overturn Shane's conviction. The motion hearings concluded in October of last year, in the Bronx Criminal Court.

I received a letter yesterday from Shane, in which he once again displayed tremendous faith and patience regarding this period of waiting:

"As long as it may seem (waiting for a decision from Judge Richard Price) we're right on schedule. I was going over the Carlos Morillo case, so similar to ours. (Attorney Robert) Boyle cited it in the motion. The D.A. tried to oppose and defend the conviction like they did with ours, in the Bronx. His (Morillo's) hearing started on September 20, 2010 and went on for months. The judge granted the motion on September 1, 2011. Then he (Morillo) went home November 20 or 21st, 2011. Hallelujah!

So the point I am making is we're in May now, and our hearing began on July15, 2013, a day I will never forget, Diane A. Watson's birthday (Shane and Paula's daughter). So Judge Price now has May, June and July (to make it) one year."

Let's keep the positive energy going.

Please take a few moments to drop a line to Shane:

Mr. Shane Watson
DIN 93A9384
c/o Fishkill Correctional Facility
Box 1245
Beacon, NY 12508


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