Friday, April 25, 2014

Waiting and Remembering

We still are waiting for Judge Price to render his decision on Shane's motion hearings. Essentially, the question comes down to this: was Shane's 1993 conviction valid, or not? Obviously, we believe that the conviction was an outrage and a travesty, considering the complete lack of a proper investigation and the shoddy and extremely questionable way that Shane Watson was chosen as the perpetrator.

It is important not to lose sight of the victim, Mark Johnson, who lost his life on October 9, 1991 at the hands of a still unknown shooter. Shane has spent the last twenty years in prison, and this is tragic. However, it is just as tragic that Mr. Johnson lost his life, leaving behind people who loved him and who to this day miss him. The death of Mark Johnson is even more disturbing considering the fact that Shane Watson's life was turned upside down wrongfully as a result of Mr. Johnson's death, compounding the senseless loss and amount of grief, and unnecessarily so.

I ask that you continue to keep Shane in your thoughts and prayers. Let's do the same for Mr. Johnson and his family and loved ones, who have been lived with his untimely death for twenty-one years now. Granting Shane his freedom will not bring Mr. Johnson back. Granting Shane his freedom will at least stop the unnecessary perpetuation of wrong that began on that October night in 1991.

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