Monday, January 20, 2014

Words from Shane

Here are some excerpts from a letter I received from Shane, dated January 13, 2014:

"It won't be long now and next Christmas will be very different. Amen ! (God willing). We already know that He is willing because He is good and wouldn't have brought me this far and not finish it. For His Glory! (Hallelujah)."

"I was just reminded of how blessed we are to still have our mothers. A guy here just lost his mother the other day. They are both Muslims. We've only got one! Amen!"

"I think it will be Seattle vs. Denver in the Super Bowl".

"I go to the gym and mainly watch basketball games because it's too crowded for me to really work out. So I work out at the dorm. They have a porch where we can do pull-ups and dips and push-ups."

"I am holding on,(and) looking forward to any day now for that good news from a foreign land. I've been doing my homework on (similar) cases, and it takes anywhere from three months after the hearing to usually get relief. (Hallelujah). I am reminded almost every mail day that I am not forgotten and in many prayers. Amen! (Hallelujah).

Today (January 20) the country celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day. How fitting it would be to have a positive decision come down from Judge Price now, as we recall Dr. King's work and message about equality and justice.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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