Sunday, October 27, 2013


On Wednesday, October 23, Judge Richard Price heard oral arguments from both sides on the matter of the motion hearing for Shane Watson.

As I reported in the previous post, our attorney Robert Boyle spoke at length in defense of Shane, laying out our new evidence clearly and specifically.

Following Mr. Boyle's address to the court, the lead prosecutor spoke for about 45 minutes in a highly theatrical and histrionic manner. His basic argument was "a jury found Shane Watson guilty the first time ( in 1993) and so he must be guilty." The prosecutor simply has nothing to argue, simply because there was never any strong evidence of Shane's guilt to begin with. In typical arrogant style, the logic of the prosecution team seems to subscribe to the idea of "we won the first time, therefore we must be right". At one point Judge Price reprimanded the prosecutor for excessive theatrics.

NEXT: Judge Price ordered that both sides submit written arguments by November 27at the latest. Once the judge reviews these arguments, he will make a decision as to whether or not Shane will receive a new trial.

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