Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Today in courtroom 540, Judge Richard Price heard closing oral arguments from Attorney Robert Boyle as well as the prosecution team, on the matter of Shane Watson. This marked the conclusion of the motion hearings.

Mr. Boyle spoke for about 45 minutes, laying out in detail the foundation of our newly discovered evidence:
  • the testimony of Christine Holloway, who testified at this hearing that she could not see the face of the shooter, and that she was pressured by the police to ID Shane Watson . Ms. Holloway came to NY from her home in the Atlanta, GA area in order to recant her testimony at Shane's original 1993 trial
  • the actions of the police and Detective Seville Jones regarding the photo arrays and lineup procedures
Framing his arguments carefully with regard to the legal issues required to overturn a verdict, Mr. Boyle clearly laid out the bare facts of the case, confirming what we have all known for so long: there simply was NO evidence against Shane Watson except for the coerced testimony of Christine Holloway.

We have reached the moment of truth now. Judge Price will consider the arguments heard today, as well as the evidence and testimony heard in court since the hearings commenced in July. He will then write an "opinion" (decision). This opinion will have three possible consequences:
  • the judge will deny a new trial, and Shane will continue to serve his sentence
  • the judge will order a new trial
  • the judge will order that Shane be released from prison
Thank you for your continued support, and prayers.

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  1. My prayers are with you Shane. I truly believe justice will prevail.


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