My name is Will Duchon. I live in Stratford, CT.

In 2003 I encountered Mr. Shane Watson, who is currently serving a 25 year to life sentence for second-degree murder. After careful review of the case transcripts, police reports, trial transcripts and other documentation, it became clear to me that Shane is not guilty of this crime. His case is an example of flawed "eyewitness" testimony, an incredibly flimsy prosecution, and essentially a travesty of justice. Shane is 50 years old, and has been in prison since 1993.

I followed up my suspicions about the case with Dr. Jennifer Dysart, currently a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. Her SUMMARY confirmed my suspicions.

Along with some dedicated friends from Pleasantville Presbyterian Church in Pleasantville, NY, Monroe Congregational Church in Monroe, CT, the fine attorney Robert Boyle of New York City, and our dedicated investigator Doug Walters of Chicago, I am seeking to have Shane's conviction overturned so that ultimately, he will be free to enjoy his life.

This blog is simply a way to share Shane's story as well as new and current information regarding his case. I encourage you to read the posts that describe the details of his case. It is also an opportunity to learn about how flawed the criminal justice system is.

For details of the Shane Watson case, please read the SUMMARY by our investigator, Doug Walters.

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Shane Watson's mailing address:

Mr. Shane Watson

93A 9384

PO Box 8

Otisville, NY 10963

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Dear Friends of The Opus 30 Mission,

It seems appropriate to bring everyone up to the minute about the case.

THE KEY PLAYERS: Attorney Robert Boyle, Investigator Doug Walters, Rebecca Freedman and Glenn Garber of The Exoneration Initiative.

THE HEARING: Since July 15, 2013, a "motion hearing" for the case of Shane Watson has been heard in courtroom 540 of Bronx Criminal Court before Judge Richard Price. The purpose of the hearing is to present NEW evidence to the court in the hope of Judge Price deciding to grant a new trial for Shane. NEW evidence is defined as evidence we have gathered (due to the tireless efforts of Doug Walters, primarily) which was NOT presented at Shane's 1993 trial.

WHAT'S NEXT? The motion hearing will resume on Monday, August 26, 2013 @ 10 AM before Judge Price. The hearing is expected to be concluded that week, followed by Judge Price's decision.

WHAT CAN I DO? Several things: attend the hearing, write to Shane, contribute to the Opus 30 Mission on this blog, encourage others to contribute, contact interested media outlets in order to publicize the case.

Shane's mailing address:

Mr. Shane Watson
DIN 93A9384
Green Haven Correctional Facility
PO Box 4000
Stormville, NY 12582

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