Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hearing Continues and Incompetency In Action

The motion hearing for Shane Watson continued on Wednesday, July 31 with testimony from Paul Markstein, Shane's defense attorney at the original 1993 trial. Some progress was made, however due to a stunning display of incompetency on the part of the Department of Corrections, the hearing was necessarily adjourned and will resume next Monday, August 5 @ 10:00 AM in Judge Price's courtroom.

Shane has been held at Riker's Island during the motion hearing, since Riker's is much closer to the Bronx courthouse than Green Haven. Despite an 11 AM call to start proceedings, the Department of Corrections failed to produce Shane in court until almost 1 PM. Consider this. A prisoner is held in the very building of the courtroom, handcuffed and under guard, yet the powers that be could not manage to escort him up to the 5th floor until almost 2 hours later than the appointed time for the hearing. Our investigator Doug Walters was present an hour BEFORE the hearings were to commence, and Doug Chicago. Enough said.

Along with the continuation of Paul Markstein's testimony, next Monday's hearing will also include testimony from Glenn Garber, the founder and executive director of The Exoneration Initiative. Mr. Garber's presence and interest in Shane's case supports our firm belief in Shane's innocence. Rebecca Freedman, the EI's Assistant Director has been assisting our attorney Robert Boyle since the motion hearings began.

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