Monday, August 5, 2013

TODAY AT THE HEARING: Paul Markstein and Rebecca Freedman; Hearing to resume August 26

Judge Richard Price heard testimony from attorney Paul Markstein today at the motion hearing for Shane Watson. Mr. Markstein was Shane's trial attorney at the 1993 trial. His testimony spoke to the tactical decisions he made at the 1993 trial, some of which were questionable and may have contributed to the jury's decision to convict.

Following Mr. Markstein's testimony, the court heard an argument from Rebecca Freedman, Assistant Director of The Exoneration Initiative. Ms. Freedman attempted to persuade the court to allow an expert in eyewitness testimony to be included in the hearing. Judge Price ruled against Freedman's argument, stating that such testimony was unnecessary for the purpose of the hearing.

The motion hearing was adjourned until Monday, August 26 @ 10 AM. According to our investigator Doug Walters, the defense will call two more people to testify before the court, and the hearing will probably conclude on August 27. The prosecution is planning to call retired detective Sevilie Jones, the lead detective for the "investigation" of the shooting death of Mark Johnson in 1991.

Shane has been held at Riker's Island for the duration of these hearings. Fortunately, our attorney Robert Boyle made the arrangements for Shane to be returned to Green Haven until the hearings resume in three weeks. Compared to Riker's, Green Haven "will feel like a country club" noted one courtroom observer.

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