Monday, July 29, 2013

Former NYPD Detective Gives Testimony

This morning the motion hearing continued in Room 540 of the Bronx County Hall of Justice, before Judge Richard Price. Today's testimony came from Mr. Hal Sherman, a former NYPD Detective. Mr. Sherman is trained in forensics, and in retirement works independently as a crime scene photographer. Mr. Sherman was hired by our defense team to photograph and provide dimensions of the crime scene, which he did on July 11 of this year. His photos included measurements from the buildings on Schefflein Avenue in The Bronx, particularly the buildings at 1961, 1965, 1981 and 1985 Schefflein. Measurements of the distance from the buildings to the street and parking lots were clearly marked and the photos were entered into evidence.

The prosecution attacked the photos not for their accuracy, but for their...relevance. Given the fact that the crime took place in 1991,the prosecution attempted to discredit the validity of the photographs as evidence. Our attorney Robert Boyle countered this attack by establishing the fact that even if trees and/or bushes or lighting fixtures present at the scene today were NOT in existence on October 9, 1991, the dimensions and distances from the street to the buildings, etc., etc. would be the same as they are today.

In the hallway at one point I spent a few moments with Doug Walters, our investigator. We discussed how the concept of common sense and cost effectiveness seems to be a non-issue in today's judicial system. If the young and ambitious prosecutors working for the DA in this case were not trained to simply win at all costs, the state would save itself a fortune in tax dollars spent on prosecuting a case like Shane Watson's, which should never have gone to trial to begin with.

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