Friday, January 25, 2013


After two prior delays, January 31 was set as the date for the hearing on our motion to vacate Shane's conviction. Yesterday I emailed our attorney, Robert Boyle, asking whether the hearing was still on the calendar. His reply arrived in my inbox this morning:

NO. The DA will be filing their reply the first week of February. I will have two weeks to reply. We will then have a court date where folks should come likely the first week of March.

This should not be surprising, given the DA's history of indifference. This latest delay is outrageous and shameless. Obviously, the DA has no concern for Shane's sitting in prison for yet another few months.

The positives to take from this:
1) it is clear  that the DA's office is aware of how indefensible their position is, and of Shane's innocence. Thus the delays.
2) We must not forget all the work and effort it has taken for us to be in this position: the DA cannot delay this forever. Shane's day in court is a reality and will happen.

Please keep the faith.

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  1. It is a shame at the reckless
    disregard for TRUTH that is shown by those who claim to represent it. This system we live under is simply a disguised form of slavery. You are in my prayers my friend. My hope and belief is that you will be out soon. Keep the faith.


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