Monday, August 13, 2012


 I received a letter from Shane, dated August 8, 2012. Shane wrote this to me after receiving my latest letter to him in which I informed him that the motion to vacate his conviction had been filed on July 30. I also sent Shane a copy of our investigator Doug Walters' summary.

 Here are some excerpts from Shane's letter of August 8, 2012:

"Yes indeed! Hallelujah! The step we have been waiting for. It would not be possible without you all; everybody played a part (in this). Amen! It tells how it takes a 'team' to acheive getting a wrongful conviction overturned and 'heart' with the 'whatever it takes' attitude, as Doug always said.

 "I did know that I had a (FACEBOOK) page, but not that many followers! I have been blessed with coming to know so many others through you.. It won't be long now."

 your brother and friend,
As of today, our goal is $7500 to cover the remaining balance of Shane's legal fees. Contributions may be made easily on this blog using PayPal.

If you feel inclined to write Shane a letter, the mailing address is:

Mr. Shane Watson
DIN 93A9384
Green Haven Correctional Institution
PO Box 4000
Stormville, NY 12582

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