Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shane, Doug and me

Shane,  our investigator Doug Walters and I spent a few hours together this morning in the Old Visiting Room at Green Haven. Shane was in good spirits, and as well as discussing the case we covered a lot of ground including basketball, football, baseball, Doug's impending trip to Chicago for Christmas, and our resolve to raise the remaining $11,000 we need for legal fees. 

As of today, our immediate goal is another $2500 to cover 50% of the total attorney fee ($15,000). With $2500 our attorney Robert Boyle will formally file the motion to vacate Shane's conviction. In essence this means that only $2500 is standing in the way of bringing our new evidence to court; evidence which should certainly be strong enough to embarrass the District Attorney's office in Bronx County at the very least and convince a judge that Shane's sentence should be vacated.

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